Centrum Seksuele Gezondheid (centre for sexual health)

Sexual health is not just about preventing an STI or an unwanted pregnancy, but also refers to sex being enjoyable and pleasurable, and that it occurs without any type of duress, discrimination, or violence

You can contact or go to CSG Haaglanden for different reasons:

Who are our services for?

  • If you are having, or have had, sex against your will

  • If you are aged under 25

  • If sex is your job 

  • If you have been warned by someone who has an STI 

  • If you have symptoms that indicate an STI 

  • If you are a man who has sex with men (or a partner of someone in this category) 

  • If you are a transgender person or transitioning

  • If you come from an area where an STI occurs frequently 

  • If you are an asylum seeker, refugee status holder or illegal 

We provide tests, treatments, and Sense conversations that are free and anonymous!