Registration for PrEP care is not possible

At this moment, it is not possible to register for PrEP care at the the Public Health Service of the Hague (GGD Haaglanden).

We have reached the maximum number of PrEP clients in care (500).

There are currently about 100 people on the waiting list, with an average waiting time of 6 - 9 months before they can receive PrEP care.

We choose not to make the waiting list and waiting time longer, so registration is not possible at this moment.

If you still want to use PrEP, you can ask your GP about this. Your GP can also provide PrEP following the LHV guideline.

Your GP can always contact us if he/she has any questions.


If your GP provides PrEP-care, you can have your STD testing done through us, in a regular consultation or via, this saves costs.

PrEP via a prescription is the cheapest via (25, - per 30 tablets)

As soon as the waiting list is open again, we will let you know via the website.

If you have any questions, you can mail to: