Sex workers

Do you work for yourself, in a window or in a club, or at a massage salon, as a sex worker? You should get tested four times a year in that case. It is also important that you are vaccinated against hepatitis B. You can have this done at CSG Haaglanden or at Spot 46. This is also where you can go if you have questions about contraception, the morning after pill, condoms that break and working safely.

Every Wednesday evening between 18:00 and 20:00, men who pay for sex or who work as prostitutes can go to Spot 46 to discuss their situation. You can talk about such matters as money, work, and your health, including your sexual health. You can be tested for STIs - this is free and anonymous - and be vaccinated against hepatitis B.

At Spot 46 you can buy condoms, lubricant and sponges.